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PEYOTE BRACELET KIT 1.5" x 7.0" 30 columns x 227 rows 20 colours

Included in the kit:

  • Shopping list bead legend (Miyuki Delica seed bead size 11) and number of beads of each colour;
  • Graph showing each bead marked with symbols matching the bead legend;
  • All seed beads you will need to complete the project; (please note that one or two colours will be slightly different than showed in the legend, however extremely close)
  • Magnetic clasp (silver plated); Fireline beading thread and instructions how to attach it.

Beads are included but you can purchase ONLY the PATTERN from the LEAVES pattern page or the final product in TANGERINE collection

PEYOTE BRACELET KIT 1.5" x 7.0" 20 colours

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